If she were to marry a fish, that is.

She’s a flirty little thing is she is Ms Rosemary. So I wonder whether she should marry at all.

My flings with her mostly involved meat.

And then I found out that she gets along fabulously with fish too. Someone strong, dark and handsome. How typical. Her discovery of Mr Mackerel had magical effects.

I discovered this romance, as any other affair, quite by accident.

A bare refrigerator. With the only things that looked interesting to me, an odd combination. Untried. Untested. Bravado.

(Fresh) rosemary from a couple of weeks ago, now dry, but still terrifically potent.  Fresh mackerel. A half finished bottle of sauvignon blanc.

Sweeping aside all doubts about the ingredients, I rubbed salt on the mackerels and dusted them generously with freshly crushed pepper and the refrigerator-dried rosemary. Added a dozen cloves of chopped garlic, stuffed most of them inside the mackerels. Then I splashed in two cups of wine. I let it all mingle together for an hour.

Off it goes into the oven, foil on. 240 C for 30 minutes.

Now  – The most crucial bit.


Take the dish out. Lash the mackerels with butter on both sides. Generously. Back in the oven for another fifteen minutes.

Pull out of oven. Repeat the butter lashing.

Put back in for the final fifteen.

I cut up thick wedges of peeled potatoes and tossed them on the skillet in some oil till they browned. A dusting of salt and red chilly powder … and the high calorie side dish is ready.


Wine-Infused Roasted Rosemary Mackerel Buttery Heaven.

I conclude Ms Rosemary and Mr Mackerel make a perfect union.

And I’m so glad I found out about this fling.


4 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Hi Sanjiv – very refreshing this union of wordsy buttery yummy smatterings with simple cooking !
    Keep it going and i’m sure many will be cookin
    Cheers Sudha

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