Speed Snacking

You know those moments when your stomach starts talking to you, saying ‘feed me’. And then you start looking around your kitchen for things to quieten it down. A quick snack. Nothing processed or out of a can. Something easy, something simple.

The key ingredients this time – four fat button mushrooms, sliced. And butter.

Lash the sliced ‘shrooms with four generous dabs of butter. Season with one teaspoon of freshly crushed pepper and a pinch of rock salt. Hustle into microwave and zap for one minute on high.

Ooooh yes! Melted butter gently lapping against the soft ‘shrooms … I dip my finger in, with no regard to the fact that it is scalding hot, lick the butter off real s l o w … As I said earlier … Ooooh yes!

Look closely. Don’t you see a work of art in here? A man flexing his muscles. A yawning baby. Maybe even the lord Ganesha. No time for reverence here. The stomach wails louder.

Mighty ‘Shrooms on Toast. Start to satiation in … Five minutes.


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