Workouts and Healthy Eating

I hit the gym for the first time in my life a few weeks ago.

And my muscles are screaming out in pain.

I am amazed that I can discover new parts of my body even now.

Before you go off thinking I’m a fat slob … hold on. I play tennis four or five times a week and zip around the court hitting sharp forehand winners and serving aces. I’m not a Nadal, though in my mind I often play like him. But I like eating. And that’s where I double fault.

I feel ‘snacky’ often, sometimes as frequently as every few hours.

Fortunately, my trainer’s words ring loudly in my head nowadays when the ‘snacky’ bug strikes.

“Put garbage in. Put fat on.”

So I stay healthy.

At least I try to.

And I’m not complaining.

I’ve got kilos to go before I sleep.

The ingredients have humble roots.

White Radish.


Teriyaki Sauce.

Steam or microwave.

The bite and rush of the radish is calmed by a hint of sweetness from the onion.

And the teriyaki sauce just rounds it all off perfectly to leave you in a lovely yummy state of being.

I went ‘snacky’ with this.

But it would go wonderfully with steamed rice to make a light meal. If this carb factor bothers you, remember you’re allowed to cheat once in a while.

But seriously.

It’s good to feel guilt free.


7 thoughts on “Workouts and Healthy Eating

  1. I’m diabetic, so this looks pretty useful. I do a little bit of daily exercise and am just a bit careful – nothing major. Helped me take off 20 kilos (!!) and keep it off. So don’t give up on the gym. Even some light free hand exercises at home can do it.

  2. If you pair it with brown rice instead of white, it’s still nice & healthy. Quinoa is also a great substitute for people who don’t want carbs.

    It’s great that you are getting into the gym! Have fun!

    • Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. You are right about the brown rice, I don’t eat it often enough.And thanks for the gym encouragement! 🙂

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