Lazy Fish

Or to be honest, lazy me.

There often comes a time when I want to cook something, but don’t want to get into elaborate prep nor waste hours to turn out a culinary masterpiece.

During these cooking-for-lazy-moments, short cuts and packaged sauces are extremely helpful, and they don’t necessarily put you in a compromising corner with taste.

Back to the fish.

The Rohu (a cousin of the Carp) sat there quietly, marinating for 2 hours

Bombay (unfortunately referred to as Mumbai these days) has an abundance of fresh seafood but on my last visit to the fish market, I steered towards the lone guy who sells river fish, or sweet water fish as it is referred to in these parts.

Pushing past a gaggle of Bengalis – they love their river fish with an unrivalled passion – I acquired a rather fine specimen of Rohu.

Rohu, a member of the Carp family, is a bony fish and as the old jungle saying goes (Bengali, actually), the more bones in a fish the tastier it is.

I love what the Bengalis do with Rohu but today is not their day. Today is lazy day.

So I pull out a few green chillies and pull out a bottle of teriyaki marinade infused with roasted garlic. Do I see the Bengalis amongst you turn your noses up in disgust?

I slice the chillies lengthwise and douse the Rohu with a generous pour of the teriyaki. I let it steep in the marinade for a good two hours. I contradict myself here about time, but I wasn’t labouring for two hours, the marinade was.

There it is - teriyaki Rohu with garlic and green chillies

A couple of minutes in the microwave and it’s done (notwithstanding more upturned noses from aforementioned Bengalis).

It goes deliciously well with rice, and a side of steamed broccoli.

Here’s to lazy days.


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