Queasy with Quails …

Quails and Humans avoiding eye contact. Do the Quails know they’re going to be dinner soon?

An existential question.

How queasy do you get if you have to sit at a table where you see your meal in front of you, knowing it’s going to be killed the minute you place your order?

Do you look at it merely as lunch or dinner and blank out the thought that it’s alive and in front of you?

Or do you think about it at all to begin with?

I had this dilemma when selecting, and eating, my first crab. It bothered me that the plump creature in front of me would be killed quite ruthlessly and then wickedly served up to me drowned in a delicious butter garlic sauce.

However I noticed that the minute I scooped out the sweet juicy meat and popped it in to my mouth, all such dilemmas vanished in the after glow of the taste sensations.

From that day on I concluded that as long as someone else does the killing, I’m ok with seeing my food alive in front of me.

I guess in the end, we’re all animals, albeit with a remote control.

So without much ado, here is the quail that was looking at me a while ago.

Quail Masala. Juicy tender morsels best eaten with a crisp tandoori roti.

Am I cruel or what?


4 thoughts on “Queasy with Quails …

  1. I loved ur blog and ur pics.. i am total fan of mohammed ali road and bori mohallah food 🙂 was looking for bheja receipe to cook similar stuff when came across ur blog 🙂

  2. I’m with you on that. I have less issues with picking out a fish than I think I would have with a bird though… I grew up around fresh fish, live crabs so somehow that doesn’t bother me as much. I have to say though that as much as I loved fishing when i first learned to fly fish, I couldn’t bear to whap that fish on the head with a paddle after catching it. Admittedly that did get me in trouble with the Scot standing next to me, every time I shook a fish off my line… 🙂
    So where were these quails? There was a small resto opposite Hyderabad station which would make legendary quail biriyani…

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