It’s Not All Good News For Seafood Lovers 

Fish Report, Mumbai: The municipal authorities say that shallow water fish and seafood should not be consumed as the Oil Spill is still in the process of being cleaned up.

So this means nothing LOCALLY caught.  NO prawns, NO bombils (bombay duck), NO clams, NO mussels, NO lobster and NO crab on the menu for me. Sigh, that’s one ‘no’ too many … half the fun of life is gone!

On behalf of seafood lovers – Damn you, you nincompoop captains and port authorities.

Update 22 Aug 2012: Fish is back to being ‘Good’. However give them a miss right now as they are busy procreating and spawning. So if you want to deplete their stocks, go right ahead and gorge on them. But I’d wait for September.


5 thoughts on “It’s Not All Good News For Seafood Lovers 

  1. Yes now I have no option but to chicken and eggs to consume throughout the year 😦

    How long will it be before you plan to resume eating fish?

    And BTW did you get this new theme via me ? 😀

    • the effects of the spill will last a couple of months. if you know a fishmonger you can ask him where the fish came from. if it’s from outside bombay, it’s fine. but you can’t tell and the fishmonger won’t tell or does not know. by and large it’s safe to eat rawas and surmai as they come from deep waters and are not found on the coastline as are the fish mentioned in my blog. if you like freshwater fish – rohu, katla, illish, pabda and freshwater prawns – you can still feast

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