Quick Grooming Tips For All Ages

Or how to impress women

For the Teens/20+

You have the advantage of raging hormones. Pimple solutions are a must. As are shaving and grooming products. Since this is the age you decide on your sexuality and preferences, ‘Hair’ or “No Hair” is entirely upto you. Some girls, however, prefer the supple chested “No Hair” look. And dudes, the muscular look is so passé, so stay away from those body building supplements.

For the 30+

Use products that make you feel sexy and confident. If you’re a father or if you’ve just switched partners, it’s all the more important to give that self-belief quotient a boost. Remember, you can still do it.

For the 40+

The world is looking at you, you should be sending out all the right signals. This is the time it pays most to look and feel good. Go on, you have the money, splurge on some expensive products and treatments.  And feel in control. Remember, 40 is the new 20.

For the 50+

If you still have the libido, it might be a good idea to get in some nips and tucks around the chin, chest and stomach. Heavy duty anti-ageing solutions are a must.  And after doing all these cosmetic changes, I hope you get some action.

For the 60+

Forget about it. I’m surprised you remember anything at all, least of all fashion dilemmas. You are lucky to be alive. Just be happy.

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