The Lighter Side Of …

Mile (Nautical)

A relativistic measure of surface distance over water.

In theory, 6076.1 feet.

In practice, a number of different values for the nautical mile have been observed while under sail.

For example: After 4 p.m., approximately 40,000 feet. In winds of less than 5 knots, about 70,000 feet. And during periods of threatening weather in harbor approaches, around 100,000 feet.


Due to restricted space, limited water supplies, and the difficulty of generating hot water, showers on board ship are quite different from those taken ashore.

Although there is no substitute for direct experience, a rough idea of a shipboard shower can be obtained by standing naked for two minutes in a closet with a large, wet dog.

Yacht Broker

Form of coastal marine life found in many harbours in the Northern Hemisphere.

Generally thought to occupy a position on the evolutionary scale above algae, but somewhat below the cherrystone clam.

India Boating, August ’07


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