Bombay Duck

Also Known As…

In India, “Bombay Duck” is also known as Bombil in Marathi and Oriya, Bamalohor and Nehare in Bengali, Bumla and Gulchi in Gujarati, Coco-mottah in Telegu, and Vanharavasi in Tamil. And across the world, it is known as Bumalo in Spain, Bumblim in Portugal, Bummalo in Germany, Tenaga-mizutengu in Japanese, Tiányú in China, Jiŭdùyú in Hong Kong and Bombay Duck in most other European and Scandinavian countries.

India Boating, February ’08


2 thoughts on “Bombay Duck

  1. hi,
    where can i get fried, toasted or curried DRY bombil in mumbai, even though raw dried bombil is available everywhere there dosent seem to be any eating joints that serve this awesome fish.
    help is appreciated

    • hi orion,

      alas dry bombil preparations are largely restricted to homes as restaurants shy away from selling dry bombil dishes ( i guess the smell would overpower vegetarians :).

      try getting invited to somebody’s house.

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